I am an all-round dj born and raised in a little village called; Dronten. At the age of 15 I knew what I want, I will become a dj. Inspired by Hardwell, Tïesto and Dannic I bought my first dj gear. After lots of practice I got my first gig at the local bar. After this gig I knew; I will become a dj'. During my performances in the local bar, private parties and a residence at the teenage club, I discoverd how important it is to play danceable music. Since then you can describe my sound as ''energetic and groovy''

Since 2014 is Qunzie growing and growing. Cities as Zwolle, Lelystad, Harderwijk, Kampen and Dronten are well known by the dj. In 2015 he won the first spot at the Dancetour DJ Clash in Lelystad. In 2016 he won a spot on SLAM! Koningsdag 2016. After playing on two major festivals for more the 6.000 people I knew one thing for sure; This is gonna be his life goal.


SLAM! Koningsdag 2016 (Alkmaar), Dancetour (Lelystad), Poppodium Hedon (Zwolle), Music Club (Kampen), Poppodium Underground (Lelystad), Het Vliegende Paard (Zwolle), Dansen bij Blij (Zwolle), De Bommel (Zwolle), De Rede (Dronten), Cultus Inn (Dronten), Nirwana (Dronten), De Moriaan (Kampen), Sir Jack (Harderwijk), Grand Café AtDronten (Dronten), Onze Vrienden (Dronten), La Bamba (Dronten)